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Your trusted vehicle repair centre, specialising in engines, gearboxes and suspension works in Windhoek, Namibia.

If your engine or gearbox is in need of repair or replacement Windhoek Automotive is your trusted repair centre that can fix your vehicle with precision and excellence

We overhaul a wide variety of engines and gearboxes as well as performing all types of running gear repairs. We provide our customers with the fastest quality repair. Our customers expect the fastest delivery in repairs in order to minimise downtime costs, and we deliver excellently

At Windhoek Automotive we have over 5 years of experience in dealing with engine repairs, experience has shown us that a little attention to maintenance can go a long way to keeping your engine running for hundreds of thousands of kilometres without having to replace the engine. We perform all types of engine repairs and complete engine replacements no matter the difficulty

Our philosophy is to guide each one of our customers about proper care and common maintenance practices to avoid costly engine repairs or replacement. We’ve helped many customers maintain safe and reliable vehicles with well over 200,00 kilometres of driving pleasure without any major engine repairs by simply paying attention to details.

Windhoek Automotive is your trusted Auto Repair centre

We provide quality vehicle repair services ranging from Diagnostics, scheduled services to full engine overhauls and other complex repairs.

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