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Modern day vehicles are packed with sophisticated electronic systems that control all the computerised components of your vehicle. These complex systems can easily get damaged from water and impact. It is just as important to maintain electrical components such as those communicating with the engine, gearbox and numerous safety features of your vehicle. Negligence can potentially cause more damage if the faults are not addressed on time. As all electrical components are part of the same system certain damages could potentially cause perfectly working components to fail/burn or be shorted. Figuring out what could be causing a fault can become an electrical nightmare.

At Windhoek Automotive we are equipped with top of the range diagnostics equipment, our trained auto technician can access your vehicle data and comprehensively analyse any electronics at fault.

Have a dead battery? Engine misfiring? Faulty starter or alternator? For all your auto electrical repair and maintenance needs, come to Windhoek Automotive your trusted auto repair centre. We service your vehicle with care, providing a high level of workmanship

Windhoek Automotive is your trusted auto repair centre

We provide quality vehicle repair services ranging from Diagnostics, scheduled services to full engine overhauls and other complex repairs.

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