Here at Windhoek Automotive we are proud to have dedicated brake and clutch specialists, capable of performing repairs and replacements no matter the complexity of the vehicle

Want the best brake repair service for your car? It is extremely important that your brake system is well maintained to achieve safe stopping distances. A car that won’t start is an inconvenience, but a car that can’t stop in time is downright dangerous! Experiencing symptoms of worn brakes? Are your brakes vibrating, pulling, pulsating or making noise when engaged? Is your brake pedal feeling too stiff or too soft? ABS warning light coming on?

Leave it to the professionals, whether your brake shoes need adjustments or your discs need skimming we have you covered

One of the most important components found in your vehicle is the clutch which is located between the engine and the gearbox, this clutch directly engages the rotating flywheel from the engine and passes the rotating motion to the gearbox. By engaging the clutch the motion between the engine and the gearbox is separated, allowing the gears to be changed. If the engine is revving higher than usual when you release the clutch pedal, then this is a sign of slippage. Is your clutch slipping? Does your gearbox make a grinding sound, struggling or refusing to shift gears? Does your clutch pedal feel odd? Visit Windhoek Automotive for professional advise and guidance

Windhoek Automotive has your back. What ever the problem our specialists will be able to advise and assist you with diagnostics, general maintenance and repairs

We provide quality vehicle repair services ranging from Diagnostics, scheduled services to full engine overhauls and other complex repairs.

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